Fall 2012 027My name is Becky Flores Alcantar and I believe in the power of Words.

Words can give life, and hope, and joy and they also have the ability to crush and destroy.  We casually use words every day, not realizing the influence we wield with our tongues, our pens and keyboards.

My heart is to reach out to the hurt, the lost, and the broken hearted.  My passion is to speak life to those despairing in the darkness, wishing, hoping and praying for someone to come and speak words of light.

I believe we all live blessed and broken.

That is my story.  In the midst of heartbreak, disappointments, anxiety and distress there is also strength, resilience, healing and joy. To say that I am broken after stating I am blessed seems to be an absurd contrast.  Yet I live and breathe and exist between and within both of these every day.

And here is what I know: It’s okay to be broken.  You are blessed.  And one doesn’t negate the other. Though I may sometimes seem melancholy, I equally rejoice in the beauty of my ongoing redemption.