“It is God the only Son,
Who is close to the Father’s heart,
Who has made him known.”
John 1:18

The Word became human flesh. Jesus, the Word, was fully man.

He was born, grew, learned, labored, ate, drank, rested, was tempted, grieved and celebrated. He was one of us in every way we experience our humanity, even to death.

Why? To redeem it all. To restore the beauty and dignity we have as image bearers of the One true God. He came to restore us from our current state of deformed likeness caused by sin, to a truer image of God. And in doing so, in giving us a clearer picture and knowledge of God, he essentially was showing us how to be human.

He came to give us a pattern, a blueprint for navigating our lives. He came to show us how to resist the darkness and live in the light, as the light.

He came to tell you that you are that light when you embrace his gift, His Son. And in your humanity, as children of the light, you are beautiful in His sight.

“God saw that the light was beautiful.” (Genesis 1:4)


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